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Portraits - Spot

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Pictures Spot, Girls, People, Eyes, Light
Section: Light in your Eyes
Tags: Spot, Girls, People, Eyes, Light
Colours: Green, Yellow
Edizioni: 100 cm X 70 cm | 70 cm X 49 cm | 50 cm X 35 cm
Pictures Portrait, Sun, Spot
Section: Light in your Eyes
Tags: Portrait, Sun, Spot
Colours: Green, Yellow
Edizioni: 70 cm X 100 cm | 49 cm X 70 cm | 35 cm X 50 cm
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Riccardo Perale
Riccardo Perale, born in Venice in 1946, has lived in...
We are facing a new artistic phenomenon. Perale’s images cannot be found in an analytical metalinguistic dimension, but rather in an aesthetic one.

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This site is a presentation of Riccardo Perale's works: Venice pictures and artistic photography which are ideal modern wall art. All works are limited edition art prints that look like modern paintings.