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Venice and the vaporetto, an inseparable couple

Author: Marcello Panettoni, president of ACTV Spa
Source: From the "Vapore d'acqua" catalogue

For Venice, the vaporetto is much more than just a means of transport, however essential it is for the life of the city and for living in the city. This is amply proven by the number of season ticket and Carta Venezia card holders out of the total of all residents to understand how in this city, due to its topographical structure, the public transport ensured by the fleet and network of vaporettos is indispensable, much more than in any other city on the mainland. And this is as true for both the island city itself as it is for the crown of isles, large and small, dotted around the lagoon and for which the vaporetto is even more also a synonym of the overcoming or mitigation of physical isolation.

But for the Venetians, the vaporetto is a place for a meeting, for socialisation and relations. It is, in effect, an irreplaceable part of everyone’s daily life, given the time they must spend on board.

This can help us to understand the very close relationship that every Venetian has with ACTV, the city’s transport company, and with its most emblematic means of transport, the vaporetto.

It helps us to understand the attachment, the passion, the participation, the criticisms and consensus that are expressed in continuation towards the work of the company, because the service that the vaporettos help to satisfy is one of the most essential rights of citizenship of contemporary life, the right to mobility.

I find it very beautiful and significant that Riccardo Perale, a Venetian of ancient family traditions and roots, has decided to perform this act of love and attachment to his city, choosing the vaporetto from the many possible subjects, through the use of digital photography and the processing that it allows: transfigured images that hit you for their originality and modernity. Images of our time.

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Much of the force of Perale’s images lies in his analytical-imaginative, better still generative, ability to construct the image.

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