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Riccardo Perale's art prints: artistic nudes and abstract art

Artistic nude
Artistic portrait

Each and every one of Riccardo Perale's work starts from one of his camera shots, gets transmogrified by using a computer retouching program and goes back to the material world as a limited edition numbered fine art print.

The artist has chosen several subjects over the years: by selecting the options in the search form on the right you will find tends of works. Riccardo Perale's works are the result of a series of saturations and colour subtractions that sometimes transform the original subject into something completely different, more reminiscent of Abstract Art.

Just to see a couple of examples, we suggest you two themes that are typical of Perale's artistic photography: Artistic nudes and Artistic portraits.

Every print is numbered and signed and is available in three formats, with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.




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Riccardo Perale is a photographer who goes further. He does not banally correct the presumed defects of the original, but wants to dig into it.

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This site is a presentation of Riccardo Perale's works: Venice pictures and artistic photography which are ideal modern wall art. All works are limited edition art prints that look like modern paintings.