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Venice pictures and images: the art of Riccardo Perale

Venice pictures
Venice pictures

Riccardo Perale's pictures have been able to convey an image of Venice that is far away from the stereotypes that are usually seen on souvenirs and standard prints of the most beautiful city in Italy.

The Grand Canal, Rialto and Venice by Night have never been pictured this way. Riccardo Perale's works are created from original pictures, which are modified through dozens of digital elaborations. The final work is available as prints: there are three formats, all of which are limited editions.

You can consider them a memory of a trip to Italy or a work of art: Riccardo Perale's pictures of Venice are supplied with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

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The photo meets its 'second life'.

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This site is a presentation of Riccardo Perale's works: Venice pictures and artistic photography which are ideal modern wall art. All works are limited edition art prints that look like modern paintings.