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Modern paintings or photographs? Riccardo Perale's contemporary art eschews stereotypes

Venice picture
Venice picture

Riccardo Perale's works are prints which derive from an original picture taken by the author. The pictures are altered with a graphic design program, with several dozens of alterations of colours and saturation levels. At the end of the process, the resulting image looks more like a modern painting than a photograph.

The site www.perale.com is devoted to the online sale of pictures by the artist: you can search the catalogue of the artist's works using a form that allows to filter sections, theme or main colour.

All of Riccardo Perale's pictures are for sale online directly from the site, without intermediaries.

Once you've seen a picture that interests you you can choose between three different formats, which will fit any environment. Each picture is part of a limited edition and comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Don't miss this chance to acquire modern pictures that will look simply great on your house's and on your office's walls!




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Times have changed, but the vaporetti have remained more or less the same. Riccardo Perale has idealised them in dreamlike forms. He is so talented as to make them seem beautiful.

A. Cipriani
HCE Web Agency

This site is a presentation of Riccardo Perale's works: Venice pictures and artistic photography which are ideal modern wall art. All works are limited edition art prints that look like modern paintings.